We are Kiddyrock, a music and art collective with the coolest programs and instructors in the world.
We make music. We write songs. We make videos. We play shows. We run events. We run workshops. We throw parties. We have fun.
All our staff are fully insured teaching artists and experienced children's educators/entertainers with current Working With Children cards.
Our workshops are for babies through to kindergarten age children. We offer music and art activities that are relevant to the themes we explore each term.

We focus on music, movement and art. We bring drums, ukuleles, percussion instruments, xylophones, exploratory play boxes, dancing props and puppets. The music component is typically sung live with an acoustic instrument played by the instructor and children and their carers are invited and encouraged to play along on the musical equipment provided. We also use original recorded music so our instructors can lead children in movement and dancing exercises incorporating Key Word Sign. Our art component consolidates the themes explored in the music, incorporating sensory activities including construction, water play and messy play to develop problem solving skills using scissors, sticky tape, glue, and making use of and identifying shapes.

Programs are mindfully designed to inspire. Children can work independently or collaborate with their peers. Kiddyrock music and play workshops are about exploration, collaboration, creation and imagination.





We love Kiddyrock!! Enrolling my son Flynn in Kiddyrock was one of the best choices I have made for him. Kiddyrock is the absolute highlight of his week! Over the past two years I have loved watching him grow in his understanding of rhythm, counting, colours, rhyming and movement as well as developing his imagination and creativity. Flynn absolutely ADORES Ally. She just has a way with kids and instantly engages them and they just can't get enough of her. The whole program is energetic, fast paced, interactive and just a whole lot of FUN! Whilst it is a structured program it really gives the kids the freedom and confidence to be themselves and encourages them to develop their own creativity. It has also been a great way to meet other mums and kids in our community and has been lovely to watch him develop little friendships as they grow and develop a love for music and movement together. I couldn't recommend Kiddyrock highly enough. It can even put a tired, grumpy mum in a good mood!
We both really look forward to our Monday mornings, as this is our special Nan/Xav time. Xav really looks forward to learning all of the songs with a different theme each term and he also loves playing the musical instruments, his favourite being the ukulele. He is always very excited to tell his mum and dad about his Kiddyrock session and show them the craft he has made when they get home from work. As an early childhood educator myself I know how important singing, music and movement is to young children and how they learn so much through play. Keep doing what you do, we all love our Kiddyrock!
Words can't express how much I love watching Natalija enjoy her time at Kiddyrock. She has come a long way from her first class where she was quite overwhelmed with all the noise. Born profoundly deaf, Natalija has cochlear implants to help her hear. She now has an absolute blast at Kiddyrock singing the "hello" song, drumming away on the drums and pretending she's a snake. Thanks Asha and Ally.
Thanks for a great term. Madeline had a blast and you did a fabulous job Eden! The best thing was seeing them all play together and form friendships along the way.
Kiddyrock's workshop was an incredibly exciting part of Scienceworks' recent Little Kids Day In event. Colourful musical instruments and attractive craft supplies, including huge cardboard boxes, acted as an invitation for open-ended play. Our young visitors enthusiastically collaborated with their families, other children, Scienceworks staff and Kiddyrock instructors to express themselves through music, movement and visual arts. This creative arts program was exceptionally engaging, but also provided vast learning and development opportunities for young children. The entertaining program and charismatic instructors supported the development of creativity, imagination and problem solving skills. Adult-led songs using drums and dancing props enabled children to follow along with the beat which assists them to develop maths foundations such as patterns. As children sing along with the instructors they are also developing their language and building confidence.
Kinderling believes passionately in the power of music, and supports artists such as Kiddyrock at a national level through broadcasting and online advertising and promotion. We believe that artist's of Kiddyrock's calibre engage local children in performance opportunities, community engagement and artistic education. We support Ally and the Kiddyrock team and their ability to draw people together, in an atmosphere of fun and openness, and create important communal events.