"Baby beats is like watching a documentary where lion cubs are playing and falling over themselves while their mother watches on and makes sure they don't choke or hurt each other...plus a spit bucket."
- Kathryn, Mum of TJ
"Bubs and bubbles!"
- Sarah, Mum of Nelson
Music is the ultimate sensory experience. It aids the development of listening skills, speech skills, concentration, fine and gross motor skills. It's emotive, its immersive and it's enriching. Babies are born with fully developed hearing. They enjoy all types of music. Lullabies, classical, rock n roll, pop songs on the radio and especially the voices of those that love them. Our baby beats workshops are primarily about ENJOYMENT. You can expect to see your baby smiling, laughing, putting things in their mouth, getting excited about the beat and rhythm, pulling themselves up on drums, noticing other babies, vocalising, clapping and shaking their booty's.
Our instructors are fun and friendly though we all know that at this early stage it is really all about the bond you and your baby share. The more you like it, join in and play with your baby, the more you will both get out of it. We want to support families through this very special and also challenging time. Babies are often underestimated as they are not capable of expressing themselves in the same way toddlers are. But every minute your baby is awake they are learning and figuring out the world around them. We provide a safe and enjoyable place for babies and their carers to spend some quality time with music, instruments and other bubs.