Alice McNamara is a performer and artist who has been developing the creative music programs for Kiddyrock since 2008. She does this in collaboration with other artists, musicians, performers and educators. Fun and inclusive play based learning is the mission/vision for Kiddyrock. Imagination is crucial. Art and music cross language and cultural barriers, age and ability. You can play music and you can just listen to it. It's immersive. It develops listening ability, concentration, speech skills, coordination, pattern recognition and sensory awareness. Music is felt on physical and emotional levels. Sound vibrates. People react. It's magic.

Kiddyrock values exploration, experimentation, collaboration and autonomy.

Alice also writes music and performs as Ally Boom Boom in the Kiddyrock live show featuring the Cool Bananas.


Eden is a professionally trained musical theatre singer and dancer who performs for Kiddyrock as Princess Eden, using costume and performance art in a unique way to connect with children.
Eden has been a performer since childhood appearing in theatrical productions of Les Miserables, Aladdin, Seussical the Musical, Annie, the Lion King and many more as well as touring twice internationally.


Gabriel Simbine is a dancer and performer who migrated to Australia from Mozambique. He trained with the National Dance Company in his homeland and is a former dance teacher for Fredskorpset in Norway.
He has been performing and teaching for Kiddyrock since 2015. He speaks 4 languages and has 2 beautiful children.


Pat is a trained childcare educator who incorporates music as an integral element of the curriculum. He is a musician who loves the experience of working collaboratively with children.
Pat writes and performs songs for Kiddyrock and has written and performed his own music for years all over Australia.


Asha works alongside Ally with the weekly inner west workshops. After teaching children English in Japan for 4 years at a music school through singing, dancing, craft, story time and games, her love of working with children grew. She moved to Melbourne and had her own son in 2009 then set up a playgroup in Yarraville that ran for two years.
The weekly playgroup included story time, craft, music, dancing, imaginary play and free play.
She is dedicated to growing the inner west community and loves meeting local families and enjoys working with Ally while running the story time and craft elements of the workshops.