Term 4 2019 - BEND IT STRETCH IT


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Kiddyrock is the absolute highlight of our week. We have so much fun! It is such a joy and delight to watch the children gain an appreciation of music and dance. Such a gift! - Thank you, Kiddyrock
— Claire and Ella

Why choose Kiddyrock?

Children need and love to sing, dance and move to music.  It is such a natural and instinctive way for them to express themselves. Kiddyrock Music and Play classes build confidence, concentration, speech and language skills, literacy skills, listening skills, motor skills and sensory awareness.

We nurture playfulness, spontaneity, self-expression and awareness of others.

Our teachers are fun, friendly and experienced early childhood educators with diverse musical backgrounds.

Not your typical music class

We introduce children to classic tracks from throughout the history of rock n’ roll, providing a dynamic, action packed, entertaining and educational environment for children, all while revisiting the music parents, grandparents and carers love. 

We encourage everyone to get involved by moving, singing and clapping along to the beat as well as playing along on the instruments provided.

What happens in our classes?

We include speech and language activities, lots of dancing, stories, pre-literacy games, instruments, play activities, unique learning resources and only the best jams to get those little booties rockin!

It’s a fantastic opportunity for mums, dads and carers to learn and play alongside their child, observe their learning style, encourage and supervise their socialization and also role model a positive attitude to learning and a willingness to try new and challenging activities.

We create a safe, fun and rewarding early learning environment that lays the foundations for future education. We love to see children and carers learning and playing together!

What are our age groups?

Our classes are especially designed to cater for the educational and creative needs of babies through to kindergarten. Our practice is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and our staff are experienced early childhood educators as well as musicians with current Working with Children cards.

  • Babies (0 - 18Months)

  • Under 3's

  • Over 3's

  • Mixed Ages (0 - Over 3's)

We encourage term enrolments but appreciate the need for flexibility

We know that children benefit from routine and knowing what to expect. Familiarising them with the flow of a class builds confidence, anticipation and excitement. We also allow for plenty of freedom for self-expression within our learning framework.

 Our full term packages are offered at a discounted rate. Siblings attend half price.

As of term 1 2019, you can also attend casually. Going away? You can book in for one or multiple sessions online. Last minute Kiddyrock fix? We accept card! Contact us via email to let us know if you can make it at the last minute. Our online booking system cannot accept payments less then 12 hours before your booking but if you message us early we can let you know if there’s room.

We also have half price trials available to all new clients. Please contact us if you would like to claim this offer via email ally@kiddyrock.com

Child Safe

Kiddyrock is a child safe organisation. We are committed to the care, safety and well being of all children. We aim to provide a high quality music education and entertainment service to the community that supports children of all cultures and abilities to be themselves, make friends and have fun. The Kiddyrock mission is to develop a lifelong love of music and learning in children. Read more about our Child Safe policy and Code of Conduct here.

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Seddon - 5th Footscray Scout Hall, 1A Bellairs Ave, Seddon VIC 3011

Brunswick East - 5th Brunswick Scouts Hall, 213A Weston St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

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Join us and shake what your mama gave ya!



  • Can we attend casually? Yes. As of term 1 2019 we can accept casual bookings. You can book online for one or multiple sessions. Click the book now link!

  • Do parents stay in classes? Yes, we love the parents to be involved as well. Children will follow their parents lead and are more likely to have fun if their parents are participating too. We do ask though that parents keep chatting amongst themselves to a minimum while class is on.

  • Can siblings be in the same class? Absolutely, we have lots of siblings that come to the same class. Kiddyrock is a super fun activity they can do together. Siblings attend half price. To claim your discount enter the code SIBLING at check out.

  • I have a newborn baby can I bring them In? Yes please! We love babies and before you know it their little legs and arms will be moving to the music too.

  • Are grandparents/friends etc allowed to come? Of course, we love visitors at kiddyrock but again it is great if they participate to make it a fun session for everyone.

  • Are classes held on public holidays? No, we never run classes on public holidays.

  • Do classes run all year round? No, classes run the same as school terms. Each term there is a different theme. We do run family jams and other events through the year. So make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and join our private Kiddyrock families Facebook group for all info.

  • Can I do makeup classes? Yes, just notify us via info@kiddyrock if you would like to come to a makeup class.

  • What should I do if my child is shy? This is totally fine. Children sometimes take a couple of weeks to get used to a new activity, just stay positive, participate in the class yourself and when you child is ready they will be into it more. Just remember they are taking it all in and learning about the fun of music even if they appear shy.

  • What should I do if my child is unhappy? We all have our bad days! All Kiddyrock instructors have years of experience working with children and have seen many mood swings! The kiddyrock crew will often distract your child with a new activity which will often work. If your child is still unhappy you are welcome to step out of the room for a few moments, have a cuddle and chat and bring them back in when you are ready

Please read additional terms and conditions here.



Read about what Joyce Watts from Tot Hot or Not
had to say about our classes here

In one hour we read a story, sing songs, play percussion instruments, throw up a parachute, learn the basics of musical rhythm notation and even finish off with some yoga.
— Joyce Watts (Tot Hot or Not)
Kiddyrock has turned Elsie into a perpetual singing machine! It’s so nice to hear her sing her favourite Kiddyrock songs every day at home. It’s our most favourite weekly activity.
— Elsie, Emily and Michael