Our Term 2 program at Kiddyrock kicks off on April 23rd and will run for 10 consecutive weeks. We will be exploring and learning about all the things that go! Trains, cars, buses, boats, diggers, planes and hot air balloons. There are so many awesome songs about transport!

Please note that we are moving our Tuesday classes to a new location less than 1km away from Kindred Studios. The 5th Footscray Scout Hall has better parking and more space for dancing and running around. It is also very close to the Fig and Walnut Café and Seddon train station with a lovely playground you can play in before or after class. 

10% discount on Full Term bookings. Siblings attend half price (For Sibling Full Term Bookings select the Siblings option which includes two siblings. For Casual classes with Siblings, put quantity as 2 for the class and use the code SIBLING). 

Casual classes are also available.
Contact us if you are a new customer and would like to receive a 50% discount off your first session.

If you have any trouble with our new booking system or any questions at all, please contact us via

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