Kidddyrock Music and Play classes are the most exciting music and movement programs for early childhood!

Why choose Kiddyrock?

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Our 30 minute sessions emphasise exploration, experimentation and collaboration through sound, song, speech, movement and play.

  • We teach educational content focussing on the speech development and literacy aspects that are so fundamental to music.

  • Our literacy activities can be used at home or in the classroom. We provide free printable resources each term for staff and families.

  • Our programs are especially designed to cater for the educational and creative needs of babies through to kindergarten.

  • Our practise is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and our staff are experienced early childhood educators as well as musicians.

  • We communicate with staff and families via email to let them know what to expect from each program.

What we do

The music in our classes is sung live with an acoustic instrument played by one of our friendly Kiddyrock teachers.

We also use original recorded music to lead children in action and movement games. Children explore the fundamentals of music through vocalisation, instrument play, basic music theory and group collaboration.

Our teachers are fun, friendly and experienced educators as well as musicians.


Key Learning Outcomes

Our classes are creative, educational and entertaining. Our music educators are friendly and experienced with current Working with Children Check’s

Our sessions increase children’s sense of belonging by encouraging playfulness, self expression, spontaneity and awareness of others.

Our key learning outcomes support development in speech, literacy, language skills, motor skills and socialisation.

Age Groups

  • Babies

  • Toddlers

  • Pre - Kinders

  • Kinders

We tailor our content and activities for each age group. We love to see young children vocalising, singing, dancing, playing and laughing with their friends and carers!

Kiddyrock Music and Play classes are all about having fun, building confidence, making friends and learning!

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