Ally founded Kiddyrock in 2008, and has developed her practise as an early childhood music educator and children’s performer over the last 10 years, working with countless families, local councils, care centres and kindergartens to create programs and original music that respond directly to the needs of the community.

At the heart of Kiddyrock is an ethos carried through from Ally’s time playing in successful rock outfit The Spazzys: that everyone can play music and experience the joy therein, no matter how young, old or inexperienced.

Ally’s journey as a musician and artist has seen her involved in some incredible projects. She has toured internationally, and as her own company found it’s feet, she worked on the Justine Clarke DVD “Great Big World” and wrote and delivered The Songroom’s “Reading Bug” program which focused on developing language skills through music for newly arrived families in Victoria.

Kiddyrock is now in it’s 10th year - and in addition to writing the educational program taught in workshops, Ally has developed a live show of original music for 4 - 7 year olds called “Ally Boom Boom and the Cool Bananas”.



Anthony Biancofiore is an accomplished musician with a diverse skill set and years of experience performing and entertaining audience’s around Australia. He joined Kiddyrock in 2018 and his kind smile and easy going attitude instantly won young hearts at every class.

Anthony can shred on guitar, drums and bass. He is self taught and 100% knows that with the right inspiration and a little encouragement, anyone can make music.