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Caitlyn specialises in jazz guitar and loves encouraging children to follow their musical intuitions in the spirit of this improvisational style. She brings a theoretical background in improvisation and child psychology to her work with Kiddyrock, having studied music at the Adelaide University Conservatorium of Music and recently embarked on graduate studies in Psychology at Melbourne University with a focus on music as an important tool for developing social and creative skills.

Caitlyn has many years experience as a musician playing in bands all over Australia and working with diverse community groups of all ages. Children have an astounding propensity for musical expressionand Kiddyrock provides a rare platform for them to collaborate with trained musicians who can follow their lead and develop their practise through mutual listening and co-operation.

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My name is Patrick Telfer, I am a musician and early childhood educator with over a decade’s experience in each. I have played music all over Australia and internationally in various contexts whilst working in childcare and kindergarten settings. I have always had a passion for combining music and my work with children and have enjoyed experiencing the happiness that music brings to children and families alike. Whilst there was always a guitar in arms reach during my time working in early childhood, I have found my time at Kiddyrock to be so rewarding as I am able to focus on providing educational, musical experiences in a more concentrated and direct fashion. I am forever astounded by the capacity of the mind of the child for creativity and their ability to grasp complex concepts (musical and otherwise) when they are delivered carefully and scaffolded through repetition and extension.

The thing that I enjoy most about Kiddyrock, however, beyond the academic pursuits is that it is so much fun for all involved! Music is a thing of beauty and such a wonderful vessel for joy and connection between people and I truly believe that the work we do benefits children and adults alike in such profound, important ways.